Audit Review Codes

Assessments are reviewed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Planning, & Review with each section of the assessment given an audit review code. There are two reviews: (a) a scoring of each section within an assessment and (b) a consolidated report of entire assessment.

Green Codes
AC Acceptable
Yellow codes
GO Grades as Outcomes - Reliance on grades as outcomes; accrediting bodies no longer accept grades, e.g., minimum grade of X, as a reliable outcome measure.
IDM Indirect Measures - Overly reliant on indirect measures; usually traced to the use of a student survey as the single measure of an outcome rather than including a direct measure (ie. test with correct answers)
IRR Inter-rater Reliability - No evidence of inter-rater reliability; usually traced to having a single faculty member assigning a score to a measure or of having multiple faculty without calculating inter-rater reliability
NR Not Reviewed.
NW Needs Work.
RV Insufficient or no evidence of reliability and/or validity; 
OTR Other - See comments for explanation.
RV Insufficient or no evidence of reliability and/or validity;
RPT Repeat Assessment - Assessment was repeated from previous year after meeting goal.
UC Unclear - Seem comments for areas which needs further explanation.
Red Codes
ME Missing element.