Audit Review Codes

Assessments are reviewed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Planning, & Review with each section of the assessment given an audit review code. There are two reviews: (a) a scoring of each section within an assessment and (b) a consolidated report of entire assessment.

Green codes
AC Acceptable
NA Not Assessed
Yellow codes
NW Needs work – minor revisions or clarifications are needed. One or more assessment standards are not addressed, please refer to the review comments.
IRA No evidence of inter-rater agreement; usually traced to either (1) having a single faculty member assigning a score to a measure, or (2) having multiple faculty without assuring inter-rater agreement.
RV No reliability/validity. Some effort to judge reliability needs to be stated (statistical methods to measure consistency are simplest) and some effort to judge validity needs to be stated (relationship with other performance criteria) OR selection of items from a test bank with already proven reliability and validity, e.g. text book banks that report psychometrics
OTR Unspecified issues, including the possibility of multiple issues
UC Depending on the area, could mean that measures, results, or use were vague
Red codes
ME Missing element
UN Unacceptable