• We provide students and faculty access to a suite of 3D printers, rapid prototyping equipment and a team to provide assistance.

  • Our collaboration classroom is staffed with a full video crew, equipped with multiple cameras, lecture capture capability and more for your course or project.

  • Request access to Qualtrics, a premier survey tool, and you can begin creating online surveys for your course, project or initiative immediately.

Administrative Systems

Enable efficient administrative functions by providing systems that support achievement of institutional goals. Services include access and management of business and students systems, public safety and facilitating integration between these systems.

Client Support

Provide clients with a digital workplace that enables effective performance. Services include desktop and software management, printers, storage solutions, research computing, and much more.

Communication Services

Promote information sharing through communication and collaboration, enabling the USF community to work effectively together. Services include phone management, email, conferencing, collaboration sites, event services, and digital signage.

Analytics and Reporting

Improve decision making using a full range of reporting and business intelligence tools. Services include the creation of interactive dashboards, data visualization, and ad hoc reports.

Mobile and Web Services

Empower the USF community to engage clients using a dynamic, secure and recognizable web and mobile presence. Services include website hosting and management, web content management, MyUSF enhancements, and mobile app development.

Consulting Services

Assist clients in optimizing use of technology to solve challenging institutional needs. Services include research consulting, visualization, 3D modeling, project management, process improvement, new technology solution evaluations, and more.

Cybersecurity Services

Reduce risk of cybersecurity threats by protecting USF's technology assets. Services include secure computing such as data protection and encryption, and vulnerability scans. 

Teaching and Learning

Support achievement of student success by fostering a 21st century teaching and learning environment. Services include academic support resources such as Canvas, technology in classrooms and computing labs, lecture capture, and more.

IT Chat Support