Business Honors Program

Business Honors Application

Campus Preference

Note: You may not receive your first choice

Permanent Address

T-Shirt Size

High School Information

This is a program for first-year college students. If you are a transfer student, you will not have enough time left in your coursework to complete the program and thesis writing requirement.

Your GPA must be 3.5 weighted. Applications will not be processed under 3.5.

Test Scores

To apply, your SAT scores need to be at least 1210 and the minimum of 570 math or ACT (25 minimum in math).

If you do not meet this requirement, please stop the application process, retake your SAT’s, and fill out the application once you have earned SAT scores that meet the program minimum requirements. Applications which do not meet the minimum requirements will not be processed.

Intended Area of Study

Expectations of All Participants

To be eligible for the Business Honors Program, I agree to the following:

  • Maintain at least a 3.40 USF GPA each year and make positive progress in fulfilling all degree requirements
  • Make a commitment to live in the Bulls Business Community (BBC) during your first year at USF. Housing Application Note: ZAP students will live in the ZAP LLC.
  • Successfully complete Professional Development I and II courses in your first year
  • Successfully complete Business Honors Advanced Statistics and other coursework as required
  • Attend two semesters of Speaker Series lectures
  • Assist and participate actively in the Business Honors Program Service-Learning project
  • Participate in the Business Honors Program Study Abroad program
  • Participate actively in your BHP Alumni and Corporate Mentor Internship programs
  • Regularly attend and participate in Business Honors Program and BBC/ZAP LLC activities throughout your academic stay at USF
  • Complete the Muma Leadership Program certifications
  • Complete the Business Honors Research Track or the Business Honors Leadership Track before graduating from USF

Please send all additional paperwork to the following address:

April Bailey
Director, Business Honors Program
USF Muma College of Business
4202 E Fowler Ave, BSN 3403
Tampa, FL 33620-7800

Honors Pledge

If accepted into the Business Honors Program, I hereby understand and agree to participate to my fullest to meet the program's expectations. I further recognize that my participation in the program is contingent upon meeting these requirements during my time at the University of South Florida.


I understand that additional costs may be incurred due to my participation in activities such as the study abroad program.