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Faculty Diversity - Demographics Dashboard

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These data are provided by the University of South Florida to promote an understanding of the university to our stakeholders and to aid in conversations about how our educational environment can be more effective in efforts regarding Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity. All data points should be taken into context with methodology, data trends, and other relevant information and data points. Data should not be used to knowingly or intentionally mislead others.

This dashboard includes data for all employees on the Faculty pay plan at USF, regardless of tenure status. This includes full-time and part-time faculty, using an unduplicated headcount.

For more questions, please contact the Office of Decision Support at facultyhelp@usf.edu.

IMPORTANT: Data in the tables and graphs below are based on the filter selections made. Use the filter selections to view data on the population(s) of interest.

Note: To reset all filters, click the Reset button for the dashboard at the bottom.
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