Communication Services

Phone - Move-Add-Change-Disconnect


IT provides a core set of business telephone services to our faculty and staff. Services include installing a telephone line to a jack with or without a telephone instrument (all telephone instruments must be provided by USF and cannot be privately purchased); upgrading or downgrading an existing telephone instrument; adding a new feature or service; moving an existing telephone line/instrument to a new location; or disconnecting an existing telephone service.

Who is eligible for this service?

Faculty | Staff | Researcher

USF Tampa | USF St. Petersburg


There is no charge for adding a telephone line to an existing jack, disconnecting a telephone line, or changing existing features or services as it is part of IT’s core support for the USF Community.   Move-Add-Change requests that require tools to move cabling within walls will be quoted and billed accordingly.

Special Instructions

The form must contain a valid chartfield for billing if cabling work is requested. An Accountable Officer will be contacted to authorize the request if billing is required.

Visit our Telephone Services web page for a complete list of telephone models and services.

How to request this service

Request using Service Request Form



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