Utilizing Turnitin on Assignments

Step One


Create an assignment as usual. At the bottom of the assignment’s page you will see an option to show advanced settings. Click on the Show Advanced Options link.




Step Two


Clicking the advanced option reveals the Submission Type dropdown menu.




Step Three


Use the dropdown menu and select Online for the submission type.




Step Four


More options are revealed. Select Allow File Uploads and Enable Turnitin Submissions, these are the two essential options needed to use Turnitin.

NOTE: Turnitin accepts the following file types for upload:



Step Five


When you are sure the proper options are checked select the Update Assignment button.  




Step Six


Your assignment was created with Turnitin enabled.    

NOTE:The field areas of Submitting and Turnitin state that the file upload option was selected and that Turnitin is enabled.



Step Seven


As students submit work, you can view he or she’s pending results in Gradebook. This icon will appear under the assignment column signifying that Turnitin is analyzing their submitted work.




Step Eight


Once the paper has been analyzed, the icon will change to green, click on it to view the originality report.   


What the Students See

The Submission Screen


Each student will attach his or her file from this screen. This window has a brief legal statement and a check box. The student must affirm the submission is their own, original work before they can submit the assignment.