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Research & Data Request Form

For all requests, please fill out the information below. Requests will be reviewed on a recurring basis. Upon receipt of the request, a research professional will contact you via email or telephone to discuss your request further. Completion of requests will vary depending on scope and breadth of the research topic.

It is advisable to complete the form with as much detail as possible in order to help expedite your request.

Please be sure to review the data publically available on the USF InfoCenter.

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Below, please describe the purpose of the request and the data needed. Please provide as much detail as possible so that our office can help determine what data and research design will fulfill your request.

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Project Scheduling

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If the request requires completion prior to the above date, please describe the urgency of the request below and state the date you are requesting. Please DO NOT enter ASAP. Based on departmental priorities, a written explanation may not guarantee delivery by your request date.